KAlgebra organization

Hello World! Quite a lot of time has passed since the last post, too much I think… Well, I’ll try to explain a bit the KAlgebra’s file organization as I promised…
What do you think about calling the language: WASLE?

I think that I’ll stop talking about KAlgebra in a while, but I’ll keep it up to date BTW… If you want something to be explained tell me and I’ll explain it.


4 thoughts on “KAlgebra organization”

  1. The important thing it’s that it sounds grate, don’t it?
    WASLE, pronounced “ueisel” in spnish pronuntiation.

    PD: Start talking ’bout your life, you geek!

  2. As Beldar said in a comment in the last post WASLE means: Wierd And Stupid Language Extensive-vocal-for-supporting-pronunciation

    Bof, who matters my life BTW…

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