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KAlgebra organization

Hello World! Quite a lot of time has passed since the last post, too much I think… Well, I’ll try to explain a bit the KAlgebra’s file organization as I promised…
What do you think about calling the language: WASLE?

I think that I’ll stop talking about KAlgebra in a while, but I’ll keep it up to date BTW… If you want something to be explained tell me and I’ll explain it.



  1. Miquel Canes

    Thank you, I try to understand it but i think that it’s quite difficult for me.

  2. servomac

    Is WASLE an acronym? Can you explain its mean?

    Good work with the KAlgebra!

  3. Beldar

    The important thing it’s that it sounds grate, don’t it?
    WASLE, pronounced “ueisel” in spnish pronuntiation.

    PD: Start talking ’bout your life, you geek!

  4. apol

    As Beldar said in a comment in the last post WASLE means: Wierd And Stupid Language Extensive-vocal-for-supporting-pronunciation

    Bof, who matters my life BTW…

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