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Stack state drawing

These days while doing my Operating System Project (PROSO) I rescued a project I made a year and a half ago, while I was learning x86 ASM. It can output the resulting stack representation to the console (text) or html which looks far better. It may be useful if you’re learning x86 ASM. Syntax used in the output is the AT&T one, which is the gnu standard.

If you want to check it, you can look here.

Call for testers

A lot of time has passed by since my last post in this blog. The reason is that I’ve been busy with some University projects and I haven’t been able to tell anything here.

I am posting today because I’ve talked a lot about my new KAlgebra version and I like someone to try it out. Its on my svn trunk, very easy to compile (qmake && make). If you prefer me to give you an executable just tell me, now it is really multiplatform (I’ve got some for GNU/Linux, MacOS X (my computer is a macintel, i don’t know if its going to work for ppc), and windows). If someone could check it a bit would make me a great favour.


Some explanation

It was a friday morning, between 8 and 10h when we (Alberto and me) were trying to do a PI practice. We were programming the card we use there so that it sent a key over the USB when a button was pressed in the same card. The problem was that we were sending a key and right after a backspace while waiting a bit so the user could see it.
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Back from the offline world

As some of you might know, I’ve been away for a while. Not only away but offline… yes, there is some kind of life in the offline world xD. Well, sorry if someone has entered my site and seen that nothing happened here, now you know the reason.
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Headphones on Macbook

Theoretically it is not possible to use our headphones on the macbook without hearing eveything on the speakers. There is an ugly way to arrange it until any smart hacker arranges the alsa driver ;). The way is by turning on the alsa option: “Line in as output” and then disabling the front sound entry :P.

Hope helps someone :).

Last days briefing

Since my last posts I haven’t been able to work very much with my projects due to university exams and so, but today I’m going to update it a little bit.
My last work has been centered in a project called KTorpedo (I always prefer to give awful names to my projects when I create them) which tries to be something like a minicli replacement. The idea is tho give it autocompletion and some usability work.
I’ve been working a bit with KAlgebra too. I want to finish it up a little bit so I can let it a bit nice while I move it to Qt4 which (i think that) will let me do lots of nice things with it :).

Last week I received my new laptop, its an Apple Macbook, works fine with kubuntu :), I’ll talk about it this week.


Fast and short alsa trick

Since alsaconf was dropped as a alsa configuration command I’ve missed some way to select which soundcard I wanted to use, I’ve found asoundconf that lets me do it, it’s simple (tested in K|Ubuntu dapper):

apol@gran:~$ asoundconf list
Names of available sound cards:

We see the list of cards we have, here we have in first place the default one I’ve set, after the integrated one and then the webcam’s mic.

If we want to change the default, it is as easy as doing
asoundconf set-default-card V8237

I hope someone will find it useful. Bye!

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