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Kommander tales

As I told you some days ago, I (me and Kiko) had a short talk about Kommander in the university. We talked about it mainly because all of the subjects we wanted to talk about were already taken when we decided to talk about it.
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Comments and spam

In the last days there has been some spam incidents in the blog so I’ve hardened a bit the comment policy (now you will have to have at least a comment approved by me, instead of being automatic, I hope you will understand it.

In the near days I’ll talk a bit about Kommander and I’m releasing a new KAlgebra version so keep tuned :).

My own blog

Many people has asked me why do I want to have a blog and why do I write it in English. And, the most important thing… what about the blind cow?

I’ve begun with my blog for 2 main reasons. The first one is that I wanted to have somewhere to put mi stories, and the second one because I wanted to have a personal website. I don’t know why do I want those things, but it’s ok like this. I write it in English because it is useful to specify the target of this blog without many words, my intention is to write technical and free software things here, but… who matters, none is going to read it… 🙂
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As many of you will remember, proli has had a forum some time ago. It was disabled because I didn’t want to have a forum full of people crying in a place meant to learn. Even though everybody told me that I was right, this change didn’t gave us much benefit, so I decided to install a minibb (as Martes13 proposed it to me) so we can talk each other freely.

Minibb is quite cool, a bit simple but can play its role for the moment I think, if we see in a future that it doesn’t fit our needs we can replace it if we want, of course.

You will find the forum at:


As you all will have noticed, there has been some changes here. You’re actually wrong, there has been *LOTS* of changes. After last Proli disease, this has become my own blog (as it was maybe, but now it’s official :P).

What are you going to see in this blog? A forum is going to appear in a few hours, so we can talk as we did some time ago, and here you will see how stupid someone can be without leaving home. That’s nice, isn’t it?

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