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So KDE is getting older…

And from KDE Spain we don’t want to let the next 14th October to pass by without a proper birthday party.


That’s why we have put together 4 mini-events/birthday parties around the country to celebrate in A Coruña, Barcelona, Castelló and Málaga. We’ll have some talks and probably some dinner if people feels like going out a little :).

If you’re interested in coming to the event, check the schedule here:

If you’re interested in helping, don’t hesitate to ask me or anyone in KDE Spain! There’s plenty you can do, including organizing another in your city, we will provide some materials for you, we want you to be part of it as well!


And for the rest, whoever you are, don’t forget to spread the word! KDE is going to be 15 and needs your enthusiasm too, for the next joyful 15 years!


KDE and Free Software conferences @ home

Yesterday the Jornades del Programari Lliure finished. This event that was quite important to me, I’ll try to explain a little why and what conclusions did I extract from it. If you don’t really can’t bother about it, just stay with the thought that it was a great experience :).

I always like to go to free software events, regardless it’s a KDE event or not. It’s a good way to step back at what I’ve been doing for the last years and to process a little if it makes sense, if it’s worth it and to consider other’s positions to check why are they working in different stuff and if I should change my views (all in all, not everyone is working in KDE Edu and KDevelop,… surprisingly :)).

There were a lot of conversations and different opinions, I still do hear people claiming that we have to outcome the big proprietary projects. There’s been an important change here, now the best/biggest projects are those who use better Free Software (or Open Source like some people call it) wisely, I don’t think there’s that much of a battle with free software or not from the development perspective. We’re there, now we need to make KDE one of those communities that we want people to work with and to work on. That said, let’s get all this awesomeness to the end users, who usually aren’t aware of that.

Also it was nice to see more faces than in the usual meetings, it’s always good to see that there’s people who trust in what you do even if they’re not actively contributing. There’s a lot of profiles to fulfill in the free software world and we still need a lot of passionate people.

And, last but not least, thanks to the organization to put together some really nice conferences, to even bring some international speakers (hey Aaron! :)), to try to make us think a little about what what’s being done and to give us the opportunity to talk about our passion.

See you soon! \o/

So… what’s cooking?

I’ve probably been talking lately too much about where I was going to spread my KDE love and talking too little about what I’ve been doing and what’s happening:

Akademy-es: Yes! we’re having the Akademy-es in Barcelona this year and I know you won’t miss it. Yay! Awesome. Well it takes some preparation, so it takes some time. I feel I’m quite lucky I could find a rather big team of local KDE enthusiasts, that way I don’t have to do it all by myself but truth is it’s time consuming and love consuming. By the way, if anybody wants to help, just poke me and remember to register if you want to come!

KDE Edu: We had our yearly meeting. In my opinion most of our group work was about getting the best out of GSoC and the rebranding. The GSoC results where out last week, I hope the best luck for all the GSoC student, as an ex-student I can remember the excitement of being accepted, so congrat’s to all of them :). About the rebranding, news will be coming soon :). On the KAlgebra side, the language has improved tons since 1 year ago, it’s quite hard to show that to the KAlgebra user I guess, but we’ll get there, for the moment rocs looks like it will be the next victim.

KDevelop: As some of you already know, I’m working on my final engineering project around KDevelop, doing some static analysis using our infrastructure. It’s still going forward but it’s keeping me to commit new features to KDevelop lately, I hope I’ll fix that soon, though… >:) I’ve got some crazy ideas to be put in place, since I don’t like to talk about something that’s not implemented, you’d better wait and see :). If anyone is interested in static analysis (on c++ for the moment) you can find me in irc/e-mail and we can talk about life and spring 🙂 oh and static analysis.

In the end, a lot of things are moving, I don’t have as much coding time as I’d like since there’s always something that sounds that if I don’t do it nobody will, probably I shouldn’t think like that… but oh well, I hope everyone will enjoy my KDE areas the way we all enjoy KDE.

Hugs for everyone! \o/

KDE talk in Barcelona

Hi, I will be giving a talk about KDE next sunday at 11:00 am in the UPC university, on the Campus nord and I am posting this blog entry because if you are in Barcelona and interested in KDE you might want to come.

Here you can find all the information about how to go, schedules and (yes, there are other talks you might want to go too 😉 ):

See you!

(OffTopic) Qt and Visual Basic

This morning (1h ago) I have been in the VIG (Visualització i Interacció Gràfica, Visualisation and Graphic Interaction in english) laboratory introduction class. Before being there I knew that we had to do some practices with Qt3 and OpenGL because it is on the book, but I wanted to go to know how deliveries would work and so…
Miquel (aka kiko) had told it me. Are you sure you want to go? he asked me. And I said him yes, just to know how will it work, so I have convinced him to go.
When we where there, the teacher has asked how much people had used Qt before (nobody had except me and kiko I think) and then he has explained in 10′ how would the laboratory be getting on, then the Qt3 has begun after being told not to use Qt4 because they are not able to compile it (¿¿¿???).
me: kiko, we should go.
kiko: wait a little bit, it will be rude to leave it now.
The Qt explaination began then. He said that QMake was very hard to use and that he will teach us how does it work the next week and then the Qt as a graphical library explaination began. He has been saying that Qt has a class for each widget, that they all began with a Q and so.
me: kiko, we must go now.
kiko: Just 5 minutes…
Then he has been saying that Qt is just like Visual Basic, because everybody knows what Visual Basic is…
me: kiko, go away!
Yes, we have leaved then and he’s been saying to me that it is funny to see me nervous… -.-

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