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(OffTopic) Qt and Visual Basic

This morning (1h ago) I have been in the VIG (Visualització i Interacció Gràfica, Visualisation and Graphic Interaction in english) laboratory introduction class. Before being there I knew that we had to do some practices with Qt3 and OpenGL because it is on the book, but I wanted to go to know how deliveries would work and so…
Miquel (aka kiko) had told it me. Are you sure you want to go? he asked me. And I said him yes, just to know how will it work, so I have convinced him to go.
When we where there, the teacher has asked how much people had used Qt before (nobody had except me and kiko I think) and then he has explained in 10′ how would the laboratory be getting on, then the Qt3 has begun after being told not to use Qt4 because they are not able to compile it (¿¿¿???).
me: kiko, we should go.
kiko: wait a little bit, it will be rude to leave it now.
The Qt explaination began then. He said that QMake was very hard to use and that he will teach us how does it work the next week and then the Qt as a graphical library explaination began. He has been saying that Qt has a class for each widget, that they all began with a Q and so.
me: kiko, we must go now.
kiko: Just 5 minutes…
Then he has been saying that Qt is just like Visual Basic, because everybody knows what Visual Basic is…
me: kiko, go away!
Yes, we have leaved then and he’s been saying to me that it is funny to see me nervous… -.-


  1. Wesley S (profoX)

    “then the Qt3 has begun after being told not to use Qt4 because they are not able to compile it” –> you must be joking.. so they actually use older software because those who are supposed to teach you are too stupid to figure out how to compile Qt 4 applications?

    Sounds like a fun class 😛

  2. pete

    Wouldn’t it be nice of you to help with some stuff. Certainly it depends on the person (do not know if a this teacher accepts help from students) but if you feel you can then tell him how to compile Qt4 and how to use QMake efficiently. I think this would benefit allot people IMHO. It’s easy to feel smart but it’s not easy to be smart. Keep in mind that you come from a comunity which shares knowledge.

    (no intend to offend here!)

  3. berkus

    pete: those who can’t do, teach.

  4. Martes13

    OMG! xDD

  5. Alfonso Jiménez

    Sometimes is better to go out before hearding nothing but nonsense 🙂

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