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CMake Help

After having been working on cmake so much during summer I having used so much the cmake console help interface (aka cmake –help-command-list and cmake –help-command , which is quite useful) I decided to build a little interface program so it could be used in a different/more intuitive way.

If someone wants to try it, you can check it here. It is written in Python and PyQt4, its my first project using PyQt actually. 🙂

PS: I only writed the interface and the cmake command calls, the texts are from cmake.


  1. kiko

    Nice friendly help project.
    It can be very useful.
    Thx apol to simplify my life with applications like this! 🙂

  2. jbd

    I’ve got some problem here with a debian etch and qt4.1 since i don’t have the QTextBrowser.setText function. I’ve replaced it by setPlainText in at line 49 and everything is running fine ! Nice little app 🙂

  3. Aurélien Gâteau

    Nice tool.
    I changed the QComboBox to a QListWidget and removed the status bar. My version is here, in case you like it:

  4. adamg

    Really nice one, thanks.
    I liked it so much I created a cmakehelp rpm package and put into our distro 🙂

  5. apol

    #1 kiko: Miquel!

    #2 jbd: Yes, I think it is a correct fix for that 🙂

    #3 aurélien: It is a nice change, I like it because I have full-screen windows usually and it makes it more easy to deal with.

    #4 adamg: hi! glad you like it!

    To be fair, I didn’t expect people would like it, but I like to see that it can be useful, even having only spent an afternoon with it.

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