There has passed a lot of days since the last time I blogged. Meanwhile, I have been working on my Summer Of Code (which is CMake support for KDevelop). Now it seems to work, at least someone can load any KDE project and it loads successfully, and it should work with every CMake project, but I have used KDE as to test and it works, obviously there are some missing features but I am working on it to have them soon available.

The last few days I have been working on KAlgebra, I have brought support to piecewise to be able to run conditional operations which is quite good when someone work with libraries :). If someone want to try it just ask me and I will help you, I will give you just a couple of examples :).

fib:=n->piecewise { eq(n,0)?0, eq(n,1)?1, ?fib(n-1)+fib(n-2) }
fact:=n->piecewise { eq(n,1)?1, ? n*fact(n-1) }

The next days I would like to bring multiline input for KAlgebra (yes, have everything in 1 line is ugly) and I will add some new operators such as =,<,> etc to work with it.

See you!