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As many of you will remember, proli has had a forum some time ago. It was disabled because I didn’t want to have a forum full of people crying in a place meant to learn. Even though everybody told me that I was right, this change didn’t gave us much benefit, so I decided to install a minibb (as Martes13 proposed it to me) so we can talk each other freely.

Minibb is quite cool, a bit simple but can play its role for the moment I think, if we see in a future that it doesn’t fit our needs we can replace it if we want, of course.

You will find the forum at:


As you all will have noticed, there has been some changes here. You’re actually wrong, there has been *LOTS* of changes. After last Proli disease, this has become my own blog (as it was maybe, but now it’s official :P).

What are you going to see in this blog? A forum is going to appear in a few hours, so we can talk as we did some time ago, and here you will see how stupid someone can be without leaving home. That’s nice, isn’t it?

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