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Last days briefing

Since my last posts I haven’t been able to work very much with my projects due to university exams and so, but today I’m going to update it a little bit.
My last work has been centered in a project called KTorpedo (I always prefer to give awful names to my projects when I create them) which tries to be something like a minicli replacement. The idea is tho give it autocompletion and some usability work.
I’ve been working a bit with KAlgebra too. I want to finish it up a little bit so I can let it a bit nice while I move it to Qt4 which (i think that) will let me do lots of nice things with it :).

Last week I received my new laptop, its an Apple Macbook, works fine with kubuntu :), I’ll talk about it this week.


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  1. servomac


    Good luck with the move to Qt4 and the work with the KTorpedo, I’m wishing try it because the minicli needs urgently autocompletion.

    On the other hand, I’m furious because the KUbuntu Dapper doesn’t work fine over my laptop .. is unable to handle the Sata Disks, or something like this, because the boot process drops an error like “ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist.”.

    See you!

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