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Comments and spam

In the last days there has been some spam incidents in the blog so I’ve hardened a bit the comment policy (now you will have to have at least a comment approved by me, instead of being automatic, I hope you will understand it.

In the near days I’ll talk a bit about Kommander and I’m releasing a new KAlgebra version so keep tuned :).

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  1. Martes13

    UuuuOhhhhh!!! I will need the approved by Aleix… I want it! Can you approve me PI or EC2 too?

    just kidding…

    You should to put a good and a little more complex system for validate the post data, like special pictures with secure codes.

    This post was sent the April, 25. When will we see it online? hehehe… might be in 1 month? or he will take 2 months?

    Ah! The people of my page are requesting you… x’DD They ask me for you 🙂 You’re disappeared.

    (I won’t do easy jokes about kiko xD)

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