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Back from the offline world

As some of you might know, I’ve been away for a while. Not only away but offline… yes, there is some kind of life in the offline world xD. Well, sorry if someone has entered my site and seen that nothing happened here, now you know the reason.

I’ve been looking at the spam messages that I’ve received during the last month and now I thank the guy who made this feature. More than 200+ spam comments telling me that my web is great and telling me I suffer hair loss (even Britney Spears told it to me).
Anyway, now I’ll spend those last holidays and I’ll be back to the university on 12th.
I’m writing back soon I hope.


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  1. servomac

    Hi! I’m starting on 11th too, and I’m very impatient to start!!

    In October I will travel to Barcelona some days, what do you thing about a meeting with Martes and this people? 😀

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