As some of you might know, I’ve recently being been making a new calculation module for KAlgebra which I wanted to do it a lot of time ago and I decided it was de correct moment.

The problem was I was storing everything on a DOM tree (numbers as strings, awful) and now I’m building my own trees which in a way similar the DOM ones, but using more suitable types and so. For the moment it is quite stable, but still needs a bit of love (tree to strings, simplification,… ). First tests show something like a 10% improvement, quite good :), I like it, we will se how it works in the future.

I’ve worked as well with a stupid program which talked to my macbooks SMS, a motion sensor, which modified some OpenGL images, nothing spectacular, but if someone is interested on it, you can tell me and I’ll publish it.

If someone is reading this, take care! 🙂