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Things about me

Some days ago, stephanie tagged me in one of her posts and now I am supposed to say 10 things about me. She evil-laughed me until she got me to do this post. Damn! she is good at that. -.-
I don’t really think there are 10 things about me. Even if that existed, I don’t thing anyone is actually interested on it. BTW, now you know what you are going to find if you keep reading that. 🙂

  1. I like computers but computers don’t like me.
  2. I study computer science.
  3. I prefer to be awake during the night instead of the day as humans usually do.
  4. I like to argue with everyone, even if I agree them.
  5. I like to spend nights discussing about anything I can think of, or programming.
  6. I like to sleep.
  7. I hate people who is happy early in the morning
  8. My bedside table books are written by people called Tanenbaum, Stallings or JA Marina
  9. I don’t like novels
  10. I like to think that I value freedom, intelligence and humor

Given you managed to read until there, you are tagged too.

Take care!


  1. Stephanie

    ha ha tagging you is fun…so come on!

  2. Martes13

    #4 Hehe, that’s great ^^

    #7 then hate me! 🙂 I try it.

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