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KDE Meeting in Barcelona

Hello fellow KDE enthusiast!
Next Saturday 9th October afternoon, we will celebrate the a KDE Meeting at Bocanord, in Barcelona.

The plan is to go there at 4pm, make a small introduction about KDE for newcomers at 5pm and then to work in different groups depending on your specific interest, like translation with Josep Maria, development with me and Alex and also Pedro offered to solve any problems you might have with Linux sound stack.
If you’re just using KDE and you have any doubt, question or just want to chat for a while, you’ll be welcome as well!

See you!
kde 4.5 dinner in Barcelona


  1. Miquel

    Hi there, I’m just beginning with KDE development and I’m not really implied too much (I want to be more implied). I know nobody so: what should I do if I go to this meeting ? For example, I don’t know what do you mean with: “[…]then to work in different groups depending on your specific interest[…]”. Does it mean that it will be a talk or something and then everybody will work on something ? Maybe these are some kind of newbie questions, but it’s the first time I would go to a meeting 🙂

  2. apol

    Don’t worry 🙂 you can come, I meant that you will be able to do whatever you’re interested in.

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