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Kamoso in

Today (yesterday already) has been an intense day for Kamoso, I met with Alex and we rearranged our ideas regarding the project, more information will come.

Another big step on the project and the reason for this post is that we’re moving away from gitorious in favor of
From now on, if you want to give it a try, just run:
git clone as described in here.

Thanks to the KDE Sysadmin team and long life to Kamoso! 🙂


  1. sylvainsjc

    Hi, I just discovered “kamoso” which is a very good webcam application for Kde as “cheese” for Gnome.

    is the project still active? I use the release 1.0.5 on Linux Mint with kde 4.4.5 and it crash when I close the apps and the export to Facebook does not work properly

  2. apol

    I answered you in It’s more alive than ever! 🙂


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