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Suggesting new ways: Kamoso 3.0 Technology Preview

The world changes, and with it, we change too. For this new version of Kamoso we wanted to iterate what we’re presenting.

The Camera

Since we’re using GStreamer, we could take advantage of newer technology available there. Now we’re using camerabin for the video capture (in contrast to using v4l2src directly).
This will offer a better experience, with less tweaks on our side, that will definitely improve the end-user experience.

User Interaction

The whole application wasn’t rewritten, but all the UI was. We have a re-designed interface that integrates some really lean and meaningful animations and sorts the components so that we can get a simple, dialog-free UI.


Sharing is probably the most important feature in Kamoso besides video capture, and we took special care of it. We adopted the new Purpose technology that is seeing its light for the first time with this Technology Preview. We want to make sure that we can offer the best solution by making sure it integrates properly on our UI and it can also be integrated on other parts of KDE. This way we’ll be able to come up with an adequate set of plugins and enjoy them all in community. For now, we have: KDE Connect, Imgur for images and YouTube for videos.

Where to find it?

I put together this little list, so everyone can find the tarballs and packages (on the distributions that managed to package it):

We need you!

We need special help with:

  • Testing, on more cameras, more hardware.
  • Artwork, especially icons.
  • Coding, especially Purpose sharing plugins (Facebook? Twitter? ownCloud?)

But anything else is welcome, as always. Please get in touch!


  1. Richard

    Uh nice, but how about some screenshots /-casts?

  2. Michael

    Yes, I like Kamoso and am interested in seeing your progress visually as well.

  3. Michael

    Very nice. I’m playing with version 3.0.0 in Kubuntu 15.10 and it seems to run smoother than the prior version.

    One thing I noticed is that when I’m in the gallery, and I click on an image, and I choose to share with a contact, Kamoso brings up another window of my Telepathy contacts. Since I don’t have any configured, I click Cancel. I’m back in the gallery view but all of my image thumbnails are replaced by a big spinning wheel, which I cannot get to stop, except by closing Kamoso and restarting. Have you encountered this?

  4. apol

    @Michael, I have not. Can you please report such a bug? Thanks!

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