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KDE Applications on XDG App

Some days ago I started wondering about containerized applications, I looked at a few alternatives and then decided to give xdg-app a go. It took a while, not really because it’s especially hard, but mostly because I’m rather stubborn, then I decided to ask Alexander Larsson and he guided me quite well.

All in all, it’s rather easy, it implements a packaging format, but one that I feel KDE can maintain reasonably easily. I set it up in 2 chunks, copying GNOME’s approach: one repository for the run-time (that includes Qt5 and most of the KDE Frameworks 5) and then another one that can build applications. One thing we could do now is set up servers that built nightly versions of our applications, I’ll have to ask the sysadmins how do they feel about it.

Anyway, you’re waiting for screenshots and I’ll give you screenshots. Some problems are still obvious, but it’s a first step. Patches welcome! \o/


  1. Ralf

    Thanks, this is very promising! I am looking forward to executing applications in a sandbox 🙂

  2. Thomas Pfeiffer

    Great progress, looks like we can haz xdg-apps in a not-too-distant future 🙂

  3. kay

    we need a standard packaging format. Either XDG or Limba

  4. gnastyle

    That’s great!
    Please keep going with this, I think sandboxing is a good technology that can be used on Plasma Mobile too.
    However I have a couple of questions.
    xdg-app needs wayland, so that means we will have to wait for wayland right?
    And what about SElinux? Some distro don’t ship with it, what they are gonna do about it? We can have an option to not have it at all?

  5. apol

    @gnastyle my tests so far have been without Wayland (with X11) and without SELinux, so it doesn’t sound like a big issue really, although they both will probably help.

  6. gnastyle

    Ok that’s good actually!
    I’m looking forward to try it out 😉
    However SElinux is not used atm but it will,
    I hope there’d be a way to not be forced to use it.

    Anyway the script to make the sandbox will work on every software? Or the author has to do something?
    Thanks for your time to respond to this 🙂

  7. apol

    @gnastyle I have no idea. 🙂 You are welcome to join and investigate with me, if you feel like.

  8. gnastyle

    I took a look at what you did so far,
    now I understand better how it works.
    Maybe I have to ask directly to the author about selinux.

    However I am not so good at coding but I can help anyway,
    I’ll mail you if I find something useful or important 😉

  9. biji

    I try to build app using PyQt , but failed compiling it
    Can I try your kde runtime?

  10. Aleix Pol Gonzalez

    Hi, sorry but my runtime doesn’t provide PyQt yet.

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