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Let’s play a bit

Yes, finally KAlgebra entered (with a dot hit🙂 to KDE edu’s playground with the intention to enter KDE edu in some way. I don’t know where KAlgebra is going to go, whether extragear or merged with Kmplot. If you want to try it, you’ll need cmake now and Qt4 as well of course. kdelibs4 is not still needed for KAlgebra, but for compiling the rest of playground/edu it is needed.

If you want to install it, you just have to install it as kde3to4 says or whatever you want. If you have any questions you can ask me here, by mail or by plane :).

How to try the new KAlgebra

I am recruiting agressively people to try the new KAlgebra. Its in a beta state, things work but there may be some issues.
It has been tested in GNU/Linux (KUbuntu being precise), Mac OS X and Windows XP SP2. Yes, now it is really multiplatform. 🙂

To compile and use it you need to have Qt4 libraries (both execution and development) and a subversion client (subversion package on linux and tortoise svn in windows. On macos I used the same in linux, but it behaved in a strange way).
To download it and compile follow the next steps (unix way, other systems may differ the commands but the idea is the same):
mkdir kalgebra
svn checkout svn://
cd trunk

Hope someone tries it, and if you do, please tell me about your experience :).

KAlgebra organization

Hello World! Quite a lot of time has passed since the last post, too much I think… Well, I’ll try to explain a bit the KAlgebra’s file organization as I promised…
What do you think about calling the language: WASLE?
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KAlgebra syntax

Since we (Victor mainly) are working on KAlgebra’s documentation, I’ve decided to write a bit about the syntax. As I said in the other post, we can enter formulae in two ways. MathML Content Markup and my invented syntax (perhaps I’d have to invent a weird name for it xD).
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I’ve been asked many times how does KAlgebra work. It’s not difficult, but I’ll explain it in different posts to make it a bit lighter to read.

KAlgebra is a KDE-based calculator with graph capabilities based on MathML 2.0 Content Markup. If you want to learn a bit more about KAlgebra, you can go to the or kde-apps KAlgebra’s website. There you’ll find some information, commentaries, packages and stuff.

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