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As you all will have noticed, there has been some changes here. You’re actually wrong, there has been *LOTS* of changes. After last Proli disease, this has become my own blog (as it was maybe, but now it’s official :P).

What are you going to see in this blog? A forum is going to appear in a few hours, so we can talk as we did some time ago, and here you will see how stupid someone can be without leaving home. That’s nice, isn’t it?


  1. Beldar

    I thought you said you were against a forum in your site.
    Cause it would end in a help forum.

  2. aleixpol

    Yes, I did, but many people (you among others) has told me to do it and well, perhaps it’s going to be a good thing. BTW I’m not going to put the same interest than the other time, less sections, less geek-style. I want it to be a place where we can talk and discuss a bit, but I don’t think we can learn very much there.

    Anyway, I’ll put it there and we will see how it evolves. Martes13 told me to install minibb instead of phpbb. Which one do you prefer? :S

  3. XIII

    I think we should to put something weird like minibb. Everyday I see 3 o 4 different phpbb forums (with him default nasty template), but I see something c00l few times.

    If people uses phpbb is because they say it’s free, but there are so many other little forums that are free too. We don’t need something big too.

    My option is something different. No invision, no vbulletin and no phpbb.

    I like this place because I can to say that h i s p a b y t e is a [..censured..] and more.

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