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As many of you will remember, proli has had a forum some time ago. It was disabled because I didn’t want to have a forum full of people crying in a place meant to learn. Even though everybody told me that I was right, this change didn’t gave us much benefit, so I decided to install a minibb (as Martes13 proposed it to me) so we can talk each other freely.

Minibb is quite cool, a bit simple but can play its role for the moment I think, if we see in a future that it doesn’t fit our needs we can replace it if we want, of course.

You will find the forum at:


  1. Beldar

    You still speack as a community and use the ‘we’ to refer to yourself, do you want to create another community or what? If you don’t, you better start thinking about your own interest nor the others.
    By the way, is this blog going to be ever in english? ‘Cause it can be a limitation to many people, in the other hand it could open your ideas to international issues, but I don’t think your readers will be that important (if you escuse my esceptisism).

  2. aleixpol

    You’re right, but as you will notice, I won’t talk to myself in the forum. I’ll take it in count anyway… my own interest, sounds good! 🙂

    It is a limitation for many people, and this is the main reason to write it in english and not spanish or catalan. The other main reason is to be able to talk about my projects to the people who is interested on it (the majority of them know english…).

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