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So I decided that I wasn’t busy enough and I began to work with a little geeky project. I already don’t have a name for it (if someone has an idea please tell me!) but its goal is to graphically represent the recursive dependencies of every file in your C/C++ project.

I used the gnu c preprocessor to parse the files and Java to write it. Yes! Java to write a C-related project, it is a bit bizarre but it has its explaination. I used a module to represent these graphs that I made last quarter for the university and I didn’t want to write anything else.
Just to know, anybody knows a free nice and cool widget for Java or C++ that lets me represent graphs?

Anyway, you can find this project here, I’m planning to ask for a liitle room on sourceforge but I don’t know if I’ll keep on it so I haven’t asked for it yet. Some screenshots here.

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  1. maybe you would like to have a look at processing.org to make this kind of visuals with Java. have a look at the Exhibition in their site.

    bona sort!

  2. Hola Ricard! 🙂

    I’ve been looking at processing.org, looks like a very nice library for drawing and so… Very artist-oriented, isn’t it? When I said representing graphs I meant something like graphviz or jgraph.

    Hi John, I looked at graphviz and I didn’t like it very much. I’ve planned .dot support anyway so this program will be graphviz-compatible.

  3. see http://gravisto.fim.uni-passau.de
    It’s not exactly a widget, but a standalone graph drawing tool. It uses different algorithms to draw complex graphs. No idea which formats you can use to feed in the graphs. You need to check the thing out of the svn repository (look at the HOWTOs section for the source).

  4. Hiya;

    I suggest you hop on #classpath on IRC (freenode) where there are lots of very smart people that will be able to point you to the right place for such a widget.

  5. John Lakos’ adep,cdep,ldep tools are available. I also have a module to generate .dot files from their output. If you can’t find these tools, but are interested, let me know and I’ll mail you a tarball.

  6. Doxygen already has this feature. It shows a graph over what headers that have been included directly or indirectly. Check out the INCLUDED_BY_GRAPH setting.

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