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Hello Planet KDE

Hello everyone, I am new to this planet. My name is Aleix Pol and I am a Computer Science student in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Nowadays I am involved in KDE in two ways: KDE-Edu and KDevelop’s Summer of Code.

The first one is KAlgebra. A project that I begun a couple of years ago and that I been maintaining, or rather, rewritting because every part has been rewritten at least two times I think :). If someone is interested about it, there is some information here, you can find the source code at /trunk/playground/edu/kalgebra/ and I’ll give a talk at the Edu & School day at aKademy.

The second one is that my proposal for the Google Summer of Code was accepted and I’ll be bringing cmake support to KDevelop during this summer.

Nice to meet you, KDE. 🙂


  1. E

    KAlgebra is really great. Thanks for your work! 🙂

  2. ac

    Looking forward to the KDevelop -> cmake support here 🙂

  3. pisuke

    Caram, un altre català a kde! Molt bé veure’t al planet!

    Per cert, no coneixia el kalgebra i estic veient que fa mooolt bona pinta. Vaig a fer-hi una ullada.

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