Something like a month has passed since the last time I posted and someone asked me for a little update, then here we go.

Last month some important things (in my KDE life) happened. The first one is that KAlgebra was moved to KDE-Edu leaving kdereview module. I’m feel very excited with that, I’ve worked a lot on it and i like that someone uses it. Said that, I’d like to thank Anne-Marie Mahfouf for supporting me and the KAlgebra idea. If someone wants to know more about KAlgebra, you can try it from svn :P. I’ll talk about KAlgebra in the Akademy’s Edu and School day.

The second one is that I’ve begun working on my Summer of Code project and it is taking shape.

My main problem now is that I’ll be very busy in the next 20 days. Next week I begin exams and they will last until the 25th.