Preparing presentations

When preparing these KDE presentation we usually need some artwork from the KDE icons and sometimes I’m too lazy to find them. That won’t happen anymore since I created this really small tool that solves part of this problem :).

Works like that:

This generates a 128px kalgebra.png file with the KAlgebra icon:
kde-devel@tatilx:~$ kicons kalgebra 128

This generates a 128px kalgebra128.png file with the KAlgebra icon:
kde-devel@tatilx:~$ kicons kalgebra 128 kalgebra128.png

And of course, the real reason to post 🙂
I'm going to Akademy 2010

5 thoughts on “Preparing presentations”

  1. Does this tool generate the 128px icons from the SVG sources? This sounds like an incredibly useful tool, perhaps to ship in a development kit (or kde-examples) somewhere. 🙂

  2. Nice utility, Aleix!

    Nitpicking about the build system, QIcon::fromTheme() was introduced in Qt 4.6.0 so I would include this line in CMakeLists.txt just before find_package(Qt4):
    set(QT_MIN_VERSION 4.6.0)

    And you can omit qt4_automoc() as there are no new QObjects in the project.

  3. @Diederik: Yes, actually it uses the QIcon facilities so it should choose the version that fits best automatically.

    @Pedro: I know, it’s just that I used KDevelop’s template and didn’t bother that much xD. If someone thinks it’s worth distributing somewhere we can make it ready (like putting a README and Lincense at least).

  4. There is a shell script with gui support at kdesupport/oxygen-icons/scalable/ called 😉

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