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GSoC Progress

I’ve been willing to talk about my progress on the GSoC project for a while, never found the time though, so I decided to do it today given my sleepy state.

The first part that’s working (besides some little issues) is the new Import Wizard page for importing projects from the VCS locations in case it’s needed. The idea is that we won’t force the user to rely on other tools than KDevelop for starting to work on a project.
Source selection Git importer KDE import

There are some little issues still, mostly regarding usability but that will be addressed in the future.

There’s been some improvement on the Laucher Configuration dialog which nobody liked either, here’s the first iteration I worked on today. If you have any idea for improvements just tell me 🙂

KDE import KDE import

If anyone is interested on improvements or further development please contact us on our mailing list, stop me at Akademy or any other non violent and friendly way :D.

Good night!


  1. Valentyn Pavliuchenko

    It’s good to see improvements on Launcher dialog. Few thoughts:

    1. New Native Application Configuration in the list. Don’t you think it should have a default name that says something about the target being debugged?
    2. There is definitely no space in the list to fit all information in it. Maybe enlarge dialog?
    3. Is there a sense in the icon of configuration? I think it just wastes list space.
    4. It is still far from being simple. Ideal is “press . Select a target. Press Ok. That’s it.” But now you need to deal with build dependencies. It’s not bad, but there is no simple default way. Proposition: add a checkbox “Add it to build-dependencies” to the target selection dialog. And make the checkbox checked by default:)

  2. Trap

    The first and the third image shortcut to larger versions of them are wrong. Just change the number 🙂

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