Yes, this year you will have to put up with me with another Google Summer of Code project (well, mainly Matt Rogers, who is mentoring me again 😉 ). This year I’ll try to get KDevelop (KDevPlatform) to be able to use plugins written on different languages through Kross. Great! 🙂

On the other side, this weekend I’ve been at València, attending to the Guademy conferences, where we have been discussing about interoperability between free software environments (or should I say KDE and Gnome?) among other things related to free (libre) software. It was quite interesting so far, despite I had to a bit earlier due to some personal issues it’s been great to be there. 🙂

Back to reality, now I’ll have to concentrate a bit more on the university before starting the summer of code hard work… But still I want to put some code that I have been baking lately related to KDevelop’s cmake support… 🙂

C’ ya!