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KDevelop4’s Documentation Integration

I’m back to you today to show something that we have been baking lately for KDevelop. It is its new documentation integration.

With KDevelop 4 we have been focusing on putting together the information that the user will be willing to read every moment. Until now, while browsing the code, we were only showing the information gathered by the C++ support. Since the last week this is no longer true, we can now show the documentation provided by the different documentation plugins. We only have a QtHelp plugin for now, but I hope the architecture will be flexible enough for the new plugins we will have on the future, such as, maybe, a Doxygen’s, cmake’s or anything the reader can imagine.

Here you can see a couple of screenshots that might give you an idea of how does it work so that you can see KDevelop 4, love it and try it.

– The information shown when hovering the DUChain:
Documentation support integration on tooltip

– The tool view on the right showing the requested information:
Documentation tool view inside KDevelop



  1. Andrew Stromme

    I’m extremely pleased an excited with how KDevelop4 is shaping up. I’m using it for my (small) projects and I already find it strange and uneasy to go back to Kate + Konsole. I svn upped today and discovered that the documentation sidebar fits wonderfully on my widescreen. Nice job, I hope a true release is somewhere soonish in the pipeline.

  2. John Tapsell

    Looks pretty damn cool 🙂

  3. Diederik van der Boor

    Really nice stuff 🙂

    One thing I did notice, the following caption seams a bit redundant to me:
    – ‘class QString Access: public Type: class’ definition
    why not just “class QString”?

  4. hron84

    Wooow, this’s a very cool feature… Btw, how can you make visible the assistant widget on a second picture? Is it some playground plugin, or plugin in core kdevelop?

  5. gnoro

    Very nice indeed. All the KDevelop posts look very imperssive and I can’t wait for a stable version.
    What I wonder: Will KDevelop run under Windows or is the Windows “Port” behind and will not be ready when the *nix KDevelop final version hits the surface?

    Keep up the great work folks!

  6. Hj


  7. Ed

    Very useful to be able to see the relevant documentation on demand.

    Keep up the good work

  8. Peter Lewis

    Hi, this looks great!

    Are there any plans to integrate java documentation in this way? Will it be easy using this architecture?


  9. apol

    Thanks for these positive comments! 🙂

    #5 We have some work towards a Windows version but nobody really working on it, so unless we have someone really pushing it we’re not having support for now. Should be possible to run it on windows, though.

    #8 It is thought to be flexible, so yes, we’re likely to have integration with javadoc at some point (when we have java xD)

  10. Andreas S

    Great. Impressive. This beats every MS VS environment i have ever seen …
    Thanks for the great tool.

  11. Agroni

    Can you guide us how to integrate glibc documentation.

  12. apol

    @Agroni You can just create a kdevplatform adapted Documentation plugin.

    You can ask us in the list how to do so.

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