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So we were watching the FOSDEM stands and we saw that Kamoso was being shown by the OpenSUSE guys, this made our day :). Yay!

It’s always nice when you see someone slightly caring about what you did :), like by having a link on the desktop ^^.

Alex and Aleix in OpenSUSE's stand at FOSDEM

It’s a pleasure to be a KDE Developer :D.


  1. afiestas

    Yay! I’m still happy because of it :p

  2. Diego

    This means it’s time to get it into kdemultimedia! Shipping it within KDE S.C. will give it a bonus point!

    Congratulations for the achievement!

  3. Will Stephenson

    The position of KDE default webcam tool has been empty for too long, and I’m glad Kamoso is filling it now. How about some roadmap updates on it? Features like white balance (bko#226781) and Youtube export (could be done as a kipi plugin?) would be nice to have.

  4. apol

    Youtube export is already there (and we ported kipi to support that).

    White balance and so on is not yet possible due to be using VLC. When we change the underlying technology we’ll get there, hopefully.

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