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KDE Memory game and MeeGo conference

As some of you know already, last week I was in Dublin trying to understand what MeeGo means (I got some conclusions, maybe some day I’ll share them). More importantly though, I also met a bunch of KDE hackers and we decided to start to work on some project together. I wanted to work on a KDE Memory game for a while and there I found some time to work on it, here there’s a demonstration about what we can do.

video source:

If you’re interested on it and want to help get it in shape for the next KDE (now 4.7) release, here’s a list of what you can do:
– Think of a good name (yes, kmemory sounds fishy)
– Create a theme
– Create an icon
– Give ideas on how can we improve the theme specification (see kde.theme example in the git repository)
– Give ideas on what UI do we want (not how can it be improved, but what we want, it’s a little different).
– Just try it and enjoy yourself 😀 (no, that doesn’t mean an X theme ¬¬)

You can find the project here:



  1. Aaron Seigo

    yay, brainstorming! here’s my 60 second braindump, likely with tons of obviousness:

    random initial thoughts on the theming: allow them to be shipped as one big zip file, ala Plasma::Package; allow type globbing so instead of having to enumerate cards one could just do . depending on how complex this needs to scale to, being able to define one svg with multiple card elements within it could be nice; much more convenient for theme designers. the downside is that if the svg file gets very large loading time can be slow.

    be careful with things like QPixmap p(pathToSvgFile). that will suck for start up time with any sophisticated theme. consider a caching mechanism for the svg files, e.g. what KGameRenderer or libplasma provide.

    on the play UI: having a “they matched” animation and then desaturate / grey out the match (in multiplayer mode they could be desaturated and colourized to a player-specific color, e.g. blue vs red); keep room for player avatars which can be used to show scores and whose turn it is

    on the app UI: make this one ready from the start for use without a mouse, e.g. by avoiding things like NewMemoryDialog and doing it all in the KMemoryView with a QGraphicsWidget (or QML for extra fun and glory)

    it’s amazing to see what is already possible with only 400 lines of code. 🙂 and more games, huzzah! 🙂

  2. Radu Benea

    how about rekall? or KPhotographicMemory… for name suggestions… I don’t have all that many ideas, it’s really hard to pick a good name for small apps 🙁

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