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KDE Spain is translatable

As some of you might know in Spain many different languages are spoken and among the major goals of the KDE Spain association, we’re trying to push those to be properly available and usable in KDE.

Until some time ago, it was just possible to browse our website in Spanish, which wasn’t very coherent, that’s why we adapted the website for localization.

For the moment, besides Spanish, we just have Catalan and English which is a good start. 🙂

I hope you like it, cheers to anyone who helped! 🙂

PS: Of course it’s not like we speak that much English in Spain, it’s just in case you want to take a look…


  1. Gallaecio

    Ei, si queréis ayuda con la traducción al gallego sólo decidme cómo tengo que hacer.

  2. apol

    @Gallaecio estaremos encantados de que nos ayudes, ponte en contacto con qualquier miembro de KDE España y él te podrá explicar.

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