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Road to KDevelop 4.3, Beta Available

It’s been probably too much time since we announced a KDevelop version for the last time, but hey! Here we are, as alive as ever! 🙂

Actually it hasn’t been a quiet year, there’s been quite a lot of development going on, specially with regard to stabilization, improved integration facilities and, of course, Milian’s c++11 work, which is not ready yet, but much closer than it used to.

Long story short, here we can find the packages to compile it here, together with some verbose changelogs in case you’re interested.

Also you can wait for your-favorite-distro to package it, but more on that in the future! 🙂


  1. Wolf

    Thanks a lot for this great program. I use it every day (using some git version from some time ago) for C++ and Python development. And last week it had to use PHP (which I don’t like and where I have to look up every function in the docs) – and KDevelop did an excellent job helping me to get the code right. I just love the semantic code highlighting!

    Many times when I think “KDevelop didn’t understand my C++ code” because the code highlighting looks strange it turns out that also gcc doesn’t like my code – and that I did something wrong.

    KDevelop is one of those applications you can show to others and convince them that Linux == Complicated_Editor is wrong 🙂

    The only thing I’d like to have is good Perl (5 and 6) support, but that’s probably not easy to include. If I only knew how to add this (and if I had some time to do it and read the documentation)…

  2. Thomas

    I also want to say thank you! I use KDevelop (still version 4.2) for C++ programming and it is the best IDE for that which I have tried. Looking forward to the new stable version 🙂

  3. Git

    Thanks for your work!

    I use KDevelop for developping Drupal code (PHP code). I really appreciate this wonderful tool. I’d like to see a better debugging integration with xDebug, but even without that this is a great IDE.

    Thanks again!

  4. bretzel

    Thank you again for this top’s world IDE

    I am a KDevelop user since version 1.x, and did little contribution in version 2.x ( long time ago nothing to do with these days, another era 😉 ). For me the new KDevelop 4.x API have too much of templates, too much complicated.

    With great support to cmake based projects, I feel very confortable compared to Visual Studio’s abuse of business terms and arrogance (they even not support their native C++/CLR with intellisense in VisualStudio 2010
    – okay, they have fixed it for the incoming VS 2011 – but still… It’s not Linux! )

    Looking forward to the official 4.3 release!

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