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Next KDE Workspace Iteration

As it has already been said in the Plasma mailing list, we’re planning the next iteration of the KDE Workspaces.

For this project, we’d like to start with gathering a group of people to figure out a vision for this next iteration. If you know you have good ideas and you want to be part of this group, please send me an e-mail to and we will condider your application.

Anyhow, if vision is not what you want to work on and you still want to help, also there’s plenty you can do, just read through the e-mail and you should already start to get some ideas.


  1. Burke

    Do you mean Plasma-Desktop 4.9 or a possible Plasma-Desktop-2 for e.g. KDE SC 5 ?

  2. Marko.K

    Re-designed and better notification system
    Consistency for system settings
    Global shortcuts for basic stuff

    There are many awesome big and small improvements presented in but developers are not interested about them. The idea of whole brainstorm sub-forum in is that when topics gets enough votes, they are locked and transformed to BKO ( and marked with special tag so developers start implementing it.

    But now there is even near or over 100 point suggestions what never see any comments from developers or even being posted to BKO.

    So I would say we need to get developers to be easier being contacted and the discussion between developers and users need to be seamless. Best is mailing list but would work great as well when needed to make a votes about specific topic or dilemma.

  3. xapient

    i completely agree with marko.k
    please consider at least some of the most popular ideas on brainstorm-kde.
    it would give the whole brainstorm platform more meaning and you would make loads of people happy.

    make plasma-desktop “pixel perfect” (whatever that means ^^) and add some high quality plasmoids ( (re)written in QML ) to the default setup.. (icon tasks, take off, kickoff, global menubar, telepathy, amarok, kmix, you name it…)

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