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Pairs is finally in KDE Edu

It’s been a long way, it’s made us struggle with ugliness at some point, but now we have Pairs in place to be released with the next KDE 4.9 Beta.

Also it will come with a great new UI drawn by Abhash Bikram Thapa featuring some lovely colorful people, yay! šŸ™‚

Pairs is full of green people

If anybody is interested in the project, please get in touch with us or with the kde-edu mailing list! There’s plenty to be done: new games (sets of images and concepts), the game editor, improving the adaption in touch systems, and anything you’d like.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the making, especially Marco Calignano for helping and pushing me to do the work when needed, and Anne Marie for caring about the project. ^^


  1. ben

    I don’t think this can be said in kind words, so I’ll just say it: In my opinion, this UI is absolutely horrible. I have never seen any KDE program this ugly, and I think for this reason alone, it should not be part of KDE. Why does KDE spend so much effort to create UI guidelines and then welcome apps like this?

    Please get a UI designer to rip this apart and reassemble it in a way that looks acceptable.

    I know its hard to find good, free icons. But there MUST be something better than what you found.

  2. Joshua L. Blocher

    Will/does pairs support Dual N-Back yet? FAQ

  3. annma

    @ben: there is no UI designer available, we tried to get one and delayed Pairs long enough. The UI is for kids. If you find it really bad then you have an opinion on how make it better and I encourage you to spend a little time on it and contact the KDE Edu mailing list where you are welcome to propose your ideas. There MUST be something YOU can do.

  4. DL

    Please, implement the Dual N-Back mode ( Thanks for your effort!

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