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KDevelop 4.4 rc1

As we announced recently, we’ve kept working on the stable version of KDevelop to bring you the polished software you’re looking for.

Many bugs have been fixed during the last weeks, I think we can safely say that it has improved since the last beta and of course, KDevelop 4.3.

If you want to try it now that it’s still hot, you will be able to find the tarballs for you to compile here.

Additionally you can use the packages from some of the more popular distro’s. Feel free to follow the instructions of the packagers. For now, I’ve been told it’s already available for Fedora 18, OpenSuse KDE:Distro:Factory and ArchLinux [testing]. If you want to know about your distribution, please contact them! 🙂


  1. KarlNapf

    What is new in KDevelop 4.4? Is there a changelog somewhere?

  2. apol

    Yes, that’s for RC1:

    That’s for the beta:

    We’ll put together a nicer one for the final version 🙂

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