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Working with KDevelop master along with KDE trunk

As some of you will know, given some kate recent changes, now it’s not possible to work with KDevelop/KDevPlatform master together with up-to-date kdelibs trunk, so if you want to keep up to date with KDevelop development you will want to freeze your svn trunk to some revision before r1162564.

Another option you have, if you’re a brave KDevelop user is to use the movingranges branch which david’s fixes to work with the new kate ranges system, that will be merged once 4.1 is released.

We understand that it’s a little disturbing for everyone but we hope it’s going to be better really soon :), kdevelop gears don’t stop turning. ^^


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  1. Marco Krohn

    Kdevelop is great and extremely helpful – thanks for this wonderful tool!

    However, from time to time the application crashes (e.g. sometimes if I open another file). In the konsole output I often find ASSERTS that relate to “text document -> smart range” being not equeal to some other pointer (out of my head). I do not report these bugs as I assume they are related to the “smart range” problems mentioned in on of the Kate blogs. Is my assumption correct or shall I better report these bugs to b.k.o. (incl. bt)?

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