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KDevelop Git support

KDE is moving to Git, Qt did a while ago, like many other free software project did before. I’m sure you would expect your favorite IDE to properly integrate with your Free Software projects seemlessly, well from the upcoming KDevelop 4.1 version you’re going to find them supported by default.

So, what kind of integration do we provide?

– Same integration we get from Centralized VCS’s, such as commiting, checking for differences, moving, copying, etc. Which is already a huge step forward when it comes to the KDevelop experience.
KDevelop ContextMenu KDevelop Annotation View

– Also we support some distributed or git specific features. We can Push/Pull, Branch management and Stash management.
KDevelop Branch Manager KDevelop Stash Manager

– And of course, cloning projects, as I showed on a recent blog post:
KDevelop Git project clonning

I hope that you will be able to take advantage of the new features we are providing now and in the future from it. 🙂 And of course, if you have any question remember we have a mailing list and an IRC channel to get to us!


  1. Sjors Gielen

    Great! Even though iirc this was possible via a plugin, this is exactly what was still missing from KDevelop itself to make it the killer app for Git projects specifically. Amazing, thanks!

  2. David

    Thank you!!!! Git feature was something we really need 😛

  3. apol

    @1: Yes, I worked on that external plugin to make it usable and we moved it into our official release.

  4. Alex


  5. Wagner

    Great news!

    Really really thank you!

  6. BaSh

    Sad that we have to wait until KDE 4.1.
    Thanks for your work anyway, we really need it!

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