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The KDevelop bugs file

Every project has these things nobody looks into, like these corners nobody clean. For some reason today we realized that we ¿still? have, in our repository, some files like this.

Here there’s a good quote:

– KDE 2 is not supported, neither Qt 2.0. KDE 2 is in development and KDevelop will be ported after the next KDE 1.1.x release.

Of course, is not very clear that we’re going to port KDevelop 4 to KDE 2,… just yet. 🙂

Here’s the (not-so-)pretty picture of the day:

group picture

PS: Yes, we guess those were brought back by the git conversion but it’s still funny :).


  1. Markus S.

    So why didn’t you just delete them?

  2. Alejandro Nova

    When will TMake get supported? 😀

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