CMake Help

After having been working on cmake so much during summer I having used so much the cmake console help interface (aka cmake –help-command-list and cmake –help-command , which is quite useful) I decided to build a little interface program so it could be used in a different/more intuitive way.

If someone wants to try it, you can check it here. It is written in Python and PyQt4, its my first project using PyQt actually. 🙂

PS: I only writed the interface and the cmake command calls, the texts are from cmake.

7 thoughts on “CMake Help”

  1. Nice friendly help project.
    It can be very useful.
    Thx apol to simplify my life with applications like this! 🙂

  2. I’ve got some problem here with a debian etch and qt4.1 since i don’t have the QTextBrowser.setText function. I’ve replaced it by setPlainText in at line 49 and everything is running fine ! Nice little app 🙂

  3. #1 kiko: Miquel!

    #2 jbd: Yes, I think it is a correct fix for that 🙂

    #3 aurélien: It is a nice change, I like it because I have full-screen windows usually and it makes it more easy to deal with.

    #4 adamg: hi! glad you like it!

    To be fair, I didn’t expect people would like it, but I like to see that it can be useful, even having only spent an afternoon with it.

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