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Headphones on Macbook

Theoretically it is not possible to use our headphones on the macbook without hearing eveything on the speakers. There is an ugly way to arrange it until any smart hacker arranges the alsa driver ;). The way is by turning on the alsa option: “Line in as output” and then disabling the front sound entry :P.

Hope helps someone :).

Last days briefing

Since my last posts I haven’t been able to work very much with my projects due to university exams and so, but today I’m going to update it a little bit.
My last work has been centered in a project called KTorpedo (I always prefer to give awful names to my projects when I create them) which tries to be something like a minicli replacement. The idea is tho give it autocompletion and some usability work.
I’ve been working a bit with KAlgebra too. I want to finish it up a little bit so I can let it a bit nice while I move it to Qt4 which (i think that) will let me do lots of nice things with it :).

Last week I received my new laptop, its an Apple Macbook, works fine with kubuntu :), I’ll talk about it this week.


Fast and short alsa trick

Since alsaconf was dropped as a alsa configuration command I’ve missed some way to select which soundcard I wanted to use, I’ve found asoundconf that lets me do it, it’s simple (tested in K|Ubuntu dapper):

apol@gran:~$ asoundconf list
Names of available sound cards:

We see the list of cards we have, here we have in first place the default one I’ve set, after the integrated one and then the webcam’s mic.

If we want to change the default, it is as easy as doing
asoundconf set-default-card V8237

I hope someone will find it useful. Bye!

Kommander tales

As I told you some days ago, I (me and Kiko) had a short talk about Kommander in the university. We talked about it mainly because all of the subjects we wanted to talk about were already taken when we decided to talk about it.
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Comments and spam

In the last days there has been some spam incidents in the blog so I’ve hardened a bit the comment policy (now you will have to have at least a comment approved by me, instead of being automatic, I hope you will understand it.

In the near days I’ll talk a bit about Kommander and I’m releasing a new KAlgebra version so keep tuned :).

KAlgebra organization

Hello World! Quite a lot of time has passed since the last post, too much I think… Well, I’ll try to explain a bit the KAlgebra’s file organization as I promised…
What do you think about calling the language: WASLE?
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KAlgebra syntax

Since we (Victor mainly) are working on KAlgebra’s documentation, I’ve decided to write a bit about the syntax. As I said in the other post, we can enter formulae in two ways. MathML Content Markup and my invented syntax (perhaps I’d have to invent a weird name for it xD).
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I’ve been asked many times how does KAlgebra work. It’s not difficult, but I’ll explain it in different posts to make it a bit lighter to read.

KAlgebra is a KDE-based calculator with graph capabilities based on MathML 2.0 Content Markup. If you want to learn a bit more about KAlgebra, you can go to the or kde-apps KAlgebra’s website. There you’ll find some information, commentaries, packages and stuff.

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My own blog

Many people has asked me why do I want to have a blog and why do I write it in English. And, the most important thing… what about the blind cow?

I’ve begun with my blog for 2 main reasons. The first one is that I wanted to have somewhere to put mi stories, and the second one because I wanted to have a personal website. I don’t know why do I want those things, but it’s ok like this. I write it in English because it is useful to specify the target of this blog without many words, my intention is to write technical and free software things here, but… who matters, none is going to read it… 🙂
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As many of you will remember, proli has had a forum some time ago. It was disabled because I didn’t want to have a forum full of people crying in a place meant to learn. Even though everybody told me that I was right, this change didn’t gave us much benefit, so I decided to install a minibb (as Martes13 proposed it to me) so we can talk each other freely.

Minibb is quite cool, a bit simple but can play its role for the moment I think, if we see in a future that it doesn’t fit our needs we can replace it if we want, of course.

You will find the forum at:

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