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KDevelop’s Randa Sprint, my take

As some of you will know, these days the KDevelop team is staying in Switzerland with a bunch of KDE developers where we’re having some sprints, for me it’s KDevelop sprint mostly although I’ve had very different and interesting conversations for the days here.

We’ve just got asked to tell what we’re working on. I prefered to keep it for myself so that you get surprised the next time you see it (keep in mind that a surprise can be either good or bad :)). Well anyway, here it goes:

– KDevelop Dashboard
This one actually comes from last summer, my GSoC contained the effort to create a Plasma-based Dashboard for KDevelop. Right now I decide to make some simplifications on what I came up with and now we have some place to start creating what we want this KDevelop Dashboard to be, probably after this week another post will come with what we’ve come up with. Here it comes the ¿pretty? picture:

KDevelop Dashboard

– VCS Project Integration
Those who have talked with me about KDevelop lately will know that I had this in mind for a while and that I think that here KDevelop can really make a difference when it comes to properly adapt to the user workflow. The idea is to have coding-time information about what’s the changes in our project. For now we have this screenshot, more will come later in the future :).

VCS Changes View

Oh, and last but not least, remember all this is in our public repositories, if you’re interested in it, just try it and talk to me if you want to help!

So… what’s cooking?

I’ve probably been talking lately too much about where I was going to spread my KDE love and talking too little about what I’ve been doing and what’s happening:

Akademy-es: Yes! we’re having the Akademy-es in Barcelona this year and I know you won’t miss it. Yay! Awesome. Well it takes some preparation, so it takes some time. I feel I’m quite lucky I could find a rather big team of local KDE enthusiasts, that way I don’t have to do it all by myself but truth is it’s time consuming and love consuming. By the way, if anybody wants to help, just poke me and remember to register if you want to come!

KDE Edu: We had our yearly meeting. In my opinion most of our group work was about getting the best out of GSoC and the rebranding. The GSoC results where out last week, I hope the best luck for all the GSoC student, as an ex-student I can remember the excitement of being accepted, so congrat’s to all of them :). About the rebranding, news will be coming soon :). On the KAlgebra side, the language has improved tons since 1 year ago, it’s quite hard to show that to the KAlgebra user I guess, but we’ll get there, for the moment rocs looks like it will be the next victim.

KDevelop: As some of you already know, I’m working on my final engineering project around KDevelop, doing some static analysis using our infrastructure. It’s still going forward but it’s keeping me to commit new features to KDevelop lately, I hope I’ll fix that soon, though… >:) I’ve got some crazy ideas to be put in place, since I don’t like to talk about something that’s not implemented, you’d better wait and see :). If anyone is interested in static analysis (on c++ for the moment) you can find me in irc/e-mail and we can talk about life and spring 🙂 oh and static analysis.

In the end, a lot of things are moving, I don’t have as much coding time as I’d like since there’s always something that sounds that if I don’t do it nobody will, probably I shouldn’t think like that… but oh well, I hope everyone will enjoy my KDE areas the way we all enjoy KDE.

Hugs for everyone! \o/

KDevelop 4.2.2

As you will see in our website, a new stable version of KDevelop was released. Please try it!

Also you will note that our design was completely redesigned! Kudos to Milian for his hard work :).


PS: Cheers from Bilbao’s KDE Edu sprint!

April of KDE

Some intensive days are coming let’s talk about it a little :).

Next week I’ll be going to San Francisco because I’ll be attending to Camp KDE. It’s specially interesting to go there because it’s a very nice opportunity to get in touch with a KDE community that is not usually around in the events I’ve been going (it’s going to be my first KDE meeting outside of Europe). There I will be talking about KDevelop and KDE Edu (no wonder), two beautiful projects from a beautiful community like KDE, can’t be more proud of it :).

I'm going to Camp KDE!

The day after I come back I’ll be going to Bilbao where we’re celebrating this year’s KDE Edu sprint. I feel like it’s an important step for KDE Edu because it will be the first time where we are celebrating it in an education context and because we will be gathering some important people from this country who is interested in education. Hopefully we will be able to take our project to the next level, so yay us! (again :)).

I'm going to the KDE Edu Sprint!

And last but not least, I’ll be going to Vigo the week after that, where I will give the KDE talks in the Free Software master by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Igalia. I’m happy to see these initiatives happening here and proud to help to take it to the next level. (yay us! bis bis).

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

And last but not least, thanks to all the sponsors the KDE eV board and, in the end, all the people who makes this kind of things possible :). See you soon!

Social KDE

In barely 5 hours I’ll be taking my plane to Bruxelles, on my way to FOSDEM, where I’m going to meet a bunch of people interested on a lot of things like I do, mainly Free Software (and chocolate :D, but that’s off topic I guess). Also there I’ll be talking about KDE in Education at the Cross Desktop devroom. I’d like to tell anyone interested on education to come and share with us their opinion and thoughts regarding Free and Open Education.

I’d also like to remind you all that we’ll be celebrating the KDE 4.6 dinner in Barcelona (well, this time Badalona, but it’s still close 🙂 the next 19th february, if you want to come, please just follow these instructions:

Last but not least, it would be good that anyone interested in coming to this year’s KDE Edu sprint says so on KDE Edu mailing list so that we have a correct appreciation about how much people is interested in coming. There will be hacking, talks to the local community and lots of fun with the local folks in Bilbao :).

See you soon!

KDevelop Git support

KDE is moving to Git, Qt did a while ago, like many other free software project did before. I’m sure you would expect your favorite IDE to properly integrate with your Free Software projects seemlessly, well from the upcoming KDevelop 4.1 version you’re going to find them supported by default.

So, what kind of integration do we provide?

– Same integration we get from Centralized VCS’s, such as commiting, checking for differences, moving, copying, etc. Which is already a huge step forward when it comes to the KDevelop experience.
KDevelop ContextMenu KDevelop Annotation View

– Also we support some distributed or git specific features. We can Push/Pull, Branch management and Stash management.
KDevelop Branch Manager KDevelop Stash Manager

– And of course, cloning projects, as I showed on a recent blog post:
KDevelop Git project clonning

I hope that you will be able to take advantage of the new features we are providing now and in the future from it. 🙂 And of course, if you have any question remember we have a mailing list and an IRC channel to get to us!

Working with KDevelop master along with KDE trunk

As some of you will know, given some kate recent changes, now it’s not possible to work with KDevelop/KDevPlatform master together with up-to-date kdelibs trunk, so if you want to keep up to date with KDevelop development you will want to freeze your svn trunk to some revision before r1162564.

Another option you have, if you’re a brave KDevelop user is to use the movingranges branch which david’s fixes to work with the new kate ranges system, that will be merged once 4.1 is released.

We understand that it’s a little disturbing for everyone but we hope it’s going to be better really soon :), kdevelop gears don’t stop turning. ^^


GSoC Progress

I’ve been willing to talk about my progress on the GSoC project for a while, never found the time though, so I decided to do it today given my sleepy state.

The first part that’s working (besides some little issues) is the new Import Wizard page for importing projects from the VCS locations in case it’s needed. The idea is that we won’t force the user to rely on other tools than KDevelop for starting to work on a project.
Source selection Git importer KDE import

There are some little issues still, mostly regarding usability but that will be addressed in the future.

There’s been some improvement on the Laucher Configuration dialog which nobody liked either, here’s the first iteration I worked on today. If you have any idea for improvements just tell me 🙂

KDE import KDE import

If anyone is interested on improvements or further development please contact us on our mailing list, stop me at Akademy or any other non violent and friendly way :D.

Good night!

KDevelop4’s Documentation Integration

I’m back to you today to show something that we have been baking lately for KDevelop. It is its new documentation integration.

With KDevelop 4 we have been focusing on putting together the information that the user will be willing to read every moment. Until now, while browsing the code, we were only showing the information gathered by the C++ support. Since the last week this is no longer true, we can now show the documentation provided by the different documentation plugins. We only have a QtHelp plugin for now, but I hope the architecture will be flexible enough for the new plugins we will have on the future, such as, maybe, a Doxygen’s, cmake’s or anything the reader can imagine.

Here you can see a couple of screenshots that might give you an idea of how does it work so that you can see KDevelop 4, love it and try it.

– The information shown when hovering the DUChain:
Documentation support integration on tooltip

– The tool view on the right showing the requested information:
Documentation tool view inside KDevelop


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